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London Clay Pigment

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This pigment is made from London Clay, one of the layers of geology that makes up the rich and complex stratigraphy of the London Basin. London clay is collected, washed and purified to make a rich brown pigment similar to raw umber. It is ground finely and will be compatible with most binders and mediums. In raw linseed oil it produces a transparent rich brown with a yellow undertone (see colour swatch in photos). If this pigment is used in an oil binder it is a quick drying colour, a thin layer of it will take only 3 days to dry. (A little damar resin medium was added) This pigment comes in a 20 ml glass vial with a crock stopper, hand finished with wax.

Keep reading for more detail about how this pigment relates to its surroundings and other pigments in the range:

When collected from the earth, this colour appears bright blue! This is because it goes through a dramatic colour change as it dries and oxidises. (See last photo for an idea of what it looks like in its blue form. Furthermore, if London clay is heated to a very high temperature (approx 1000 Celsius) it will go through another colour change and become a rich earthy yellow. This earthy yellow can be seen in the ‘London Stock Brick’ that has been used throughout London to construct houses especially at its height of use during the Georgian era. This yellow pigment can be purchased from the London Pigment Etsy Shop under the name ‘Georgian Yellow Brick’.

For more information on the geology of London visit:


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