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London Earth Colours Collectors set

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This set comprises of five hand-made pigments in rare glass bottles displayed upon an especially made oak stand. The stand has been made using European Oak and is finished with Osmo Oil to bring out its colour and unique grain patterns.

The set includes the following colours:

(Corresponds with images from left to right)

Thames Chalk - Calcium Carbonate collected from London. Chalk forms in substantial layers all across Greater London. Comprised of the bodies of ancient molluscs this bright white pigment can be used to lighten other colours and can be used as opaque filler in mixes.

Epping Yellow - A soft yellow ochre from the area of Epping in North-East London. Epping Forest is an ancient woodland where previous monarchs used as a royal hunting ground.

Hampstead Yellow - A warm yellow ochre from the area around Hampstead Heath in London.

Rotherhithe Orange - A bright iron oxide pigment collected from Rotherhithe in South-East London. This pigment is an iron oxide rich colour that was formed when iron suspended in the water from a stream deposited itself upon a bed of chalk.

Hampstead Orange- A deep earthy orange ochre from the area of Hampstead, in North-West London.

This set celebrates the unique geology of London and the colours have been collected from areas spanning the four compass directions.

The pigments are displayed in rare, hand-blown laboratory glassware. They have glass stoppers and each little lid stopper with its unique ‘flame-like’ shape pull is slightly different. These are hard to find vintage bottles.

I am happy to swap other pigments in this set if desired, please message me tho discuss what you would like.


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