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Verdigris Deep Pigment

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A deep blue green pigment made from reacting pure copper and acetic acid.

This colour is vivid and a semi-transparent colour. It is perfect for glazing techniques in oil and makes a good watercolour paint (see images).

Due to its handmade nature it may smell faintly of vinegar (acetic acid is present in vinegar).

Verdigris Deep comes in a 20 ml glass bottle with cork stopper and hand finished with a wax seal.

With all pigments please take the necessary precautions:

-wear a dust mask or respirator
-wear gloves
-do not eat or drink in the vicinity
-keep away from pets and children

This pigment is considered toxic if ingested and is detrimental to aquatic life. Please use with care, if you follow the precautions then this pigment can be used safely.

With all verdigris pigments, if it comes into contact with sulphur ( which can be present in other pigments or in the air ) it may darken over time. In a dry environment this should not happen though. For best results in terms of stability over decades if not hundreds of years use this pigment in an oil binder with the addition of a resin/balsam such as Venice Turpentine sandwiched between two layers of varnish.

Any questions do not hesitate to message me! :)


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