Aluminium Pigments

Aluminium Oxide PM1

Aluminium oxide pigments are a class of pigments that have decorative and thermo reflective properties. 

Case Study: Aluminium paint for Richard Wentworth’s site specific painting Agora

For this commission I was asked to create an exterior grade aluminium paint with a flat, reflective finish. The paint I created was a silver dollar style pigment with polyurethane binder for use on concrete and metal surfaces. The finish of this paint is highly metallic with a gloss finish and is hard wearing. 

Aluminium pigment granules

Aluminium pigment in granule form. 2022 

Testing grain size of pigment

Testing particle size of pigment with geological test sieve. 2022

Weighing up pigment for paint recipes

Weighing up the pigment for recipe testing. 2022

Aluminium paint samples drying in the studio. 2022