Making Pigments, Making Art

'The focus of my creative activities is the research into the history, making and use of pigments. The primary research for my practice takes the form of field trips to sites of interest which are of geological, industrial, ecological or cultural significance with a focus on London and the South Coast. Research outcomes are pedagogical in nature; talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions. My particular focus within the multidisciplinary field of colour science is creating pigment from raw materials (botanical, animal and mineral) sourced from specific waste streams such as: gleaning, farm practices, organic waste from restaurants and supermarkets but also from waste procured from the construction industry. Through the utilisation of these starting materials local histories and the colour vernacular of a specific place can unearth human stories & untold narratives.'

Lucy Mayes 2023

Considering fragments collected from the Thames estuary. Film still curtesy of Neptune Ltd. 2022