Upcoming & Previous Workshops


Rolling one-to-one workshops held in my East London studio are availible under the 'Workshops on offer' page of this website.

Botanical Inks from Kew, one day workshop at Kew Gardens, London, 27th November, 2023

Lake Pigments from Kew Gardens, one day workshop at Kew Gardens, London, 1st December, 2023

An introduction to pigments, online lecture, How to paint in watercolour course, V&A Date TBC

A tour of a pigment maker's studio, online session hosted by Plants and Colour. Date TBC


How to make cochineal lake pigments, The Slade, UCL, May 2023

An introduction to pigments workshop, via zoom for V&A Academy, as a complimentary workshop to Leo Crane's watercolour course, V&A May 2023

Making Colour Pigments From Plants, two day workshop for The V&A, London, March 2023 

Lake Pigments from Kew Gardens, one day workshop at Kew Gardens, London, 1st May, 2023

Urban Pigment Foraging, An online course hosted by Plants and Colour. Two sessions, both two hours long, 11th & 25th April 2023.

London Pigment Talk, The Slade, UCL for Colour & Poetry: A Symposium V, 21st/22nd March 2023.

London Pigments and the history of hair dye, workshop event for L'Oréal, London   October 2022

An introduction to pigments, online lecture, How to paint in watercolour course, V&A June 2022

Lucy Mayes & London Pigment, Artist talk via zoom for Beyond the Brush by New England Society of Botanical Artists (NESBA), May 2022

Colour From the Mines Presents: London Pigment Project with Lucy Mayes, Watercolour paint making with earth colours & talk about iron oxide pigments, Six Bells, Wales.  May 2022

Q&A's with 6 notable pigment people, Artist talk via Zoom For nonprofit organisation Pigments Revealed International, March 2022

Grit, Artist talk via zoom, Colour & Poetry: A Symposium 2022, The Slade, UCL, March 2022

Traditional Inks & Calligraphy techniques, Instagram Live with Paul Antonio, L.Cornelissen & Son, February  2022

London Pigment, artist talk and paint making workshop, The Slade, UCL, February  2022

In conversation with Lisa Eldridge: An Introduction To Pigments & Historical Makeup Recipes  at her store in Covent Garden, December 2022

Cornelissen Pigment Archive, a film introducing the archive held by L. Cornelissen & Son of their pigments and art materials since their establishment in 1855. For Pigments Revealed Symposium 2021

How to paint the Mona Lisa, featured teaching artist Adebanji Alade how to make pigment and paint for BBC documentary, September 2021

Pigments & Sustainability, talk via Clubhouse, for Cosmetics designer David Horne 2021

London Pigment, Reflective paint making workshop, Tate Britain as a part of their well being series, 2020

Russian Colour Theory & Paint Making with Lucy Mayes, Pushkin House, February 2020