L. Cornelissen & Son Colour Archive

Between the years 2018- 2022 Lucy worked in the capacity of pigment consultant and historical art materials researcher at L.Cornelissen & Son. In this role she was responsible for testing new and current pigments in different binding mediums, researching new stockists and historical colours. During this time, she built the Instagram following from 6K followers to 19K. She used this platform to share her knowledge of the manufacturing and history of pigments and the raw materials used to make them.

One of her favourite tasks in this role was managing the organisation and conservation of the pigment archive of the shop. The archive Included objects such as 19th century pigment jars and related accoutrement. This collection of rare, historical objects was built up over the 167 years of Cornelissen's history. Having previously worked as an intern within the archive of M-Museum in Leuven, Belgium this was an exciting project or her to work on.

Antique vermilion pigments from the L. Cornelissen & Son Museum, cleaned and organised by Lucy Mayes and Sabine Pinon. Image artist's own, 2021