What is Colour Consultation?

Colour Consultation is a bespoke service in which a knowledge of historical pigments and colour manufacturing processes can be used to create new products; pigments, colours and palettes that have specific references to a particular geography or time. As a colour consultant, Lucy can advise on the complex effects of colour and create colour solutions for a client's goal. Through working collaboratively, a project can be realised that can  create authentic links between the product and where certain colours originate from.

Lucy has been working as an artist for the last ten years, where research into pigments has been pivotal to her work. Within the context of the 'pigment industry', which includes industrially made colours and the various ways they reach the consumer,  she has worked as a pigment consultant for L. Cornelissen & Son. She has given talks and workshops nationally on her work with specific colours. She has undertaken many projects relating to the history of pigments, their use in painting and colour theory. Some detail on these activities is given within the drop down menu for this section.