Links & Sources

On this page is a list of useful links to artists, organisations and institutions that may be useful for those researching pigments. This page is updated regularly.


Pigments Revealed International

Pigments Revealed International is a 501c3, nonprofit organization focused on building a global pigment community and supporting research and education that investigates the significance of pigments across disciplines and throughout history while supporting the advancement of pigment knowledge into the future.
PRI s a community space with information and resources designed for pigment people from all disciplines to share information and knowledge, collaborate, support each other and build relationships around the world.


The Slade, UCL 

Artists / Pigment People

Heidi Gustafson

Melonie Ancheta / Native Paint Revealed

Native Paint Revealed is working to restore knowledge about traditional Northwest Coast Indigenous color use, and traditional pigments and paint technology. By studying pigments and paint technology we are given insights into the complex critical thinking of ancient people as well as the cultures in which they lived.

Wild Pigment Project

Wild Pigment Project promotes ecological balance & regenerative economies through a passion for wild pigments, their places of origin, & their cultural histories. The project connects artists to the land by providing resources, education & inspiration to integrate plant & mineral pigments, hand-gathered & prepared in local landscapes, into studio practice.

Art Materials Makers based in the U.K

Caroline Ross / Found and Ground

Polly Bennett / Polben's Pigment

Pigment Retailers / Suppliers

L. Cornelissen & Son