Lucy has been working as an artist for the last ten years, where research into pigments has been pivotal to her work. Within the context of the pigment industry she has worked as a pigment consultant and she has given talks and workshops nationally on her work with specific colours. She has undertaken many projects relating to the history of pigments, their use in painting and colour theory. Some detail on these activities is given below. 

 L. Cornelissen & Son

Lucy has worked in the capacity of pigment consultant and historical art materials researcher at L.Cornelissen & Son for the past four years (2018-2022). 

Antique vermilion pigments from the L. Cornelissen & Son Museum, cleaned and organised by Lucy Mayes and Sabine Pinon. Image artist's own, 2021

Colour Charts & Commissions

Lucy has undertaken commissions to create bespoke colour charts and pigments for clients. If this is something you are interested in, please do contact me through the contact form on this website. 

Colour chart

Hand-painted colour charts, 2021

Collecting ochres in Ibiza

Pigments in Southern Ibiza, 2021

Bespoke Colour Matching & Historical Colours

Lucy is currently collaborating with a London based interior design company creating three unique editions based on the locations of their London based stores. The local flora, fauna and geology was researched and raw materials collected to make pigments to represent the urban topography. 

With the same company we are launching a new interior house paint that is inspired by my historical pigment collections. I was given a selection of colours to work with and with my collection created new veridgirs pigments and mixed these with London earths to create a unique hue. (Details to be announced soon)

Thinking of commissioning a project?

Please use the form below if you are interested in working with Lucy on a personal or collaborative colour related project.

Immortalise your special memory with colour

Lucy can immortalise a special place, house or memory with carefully selected materials to make pigment from. These can be presented in glass vials and framed for you to keep forever. Contact her to begin a conversation around creating a pigment memory.