The Pigment Maker's Studio

In the following images you will be able to see some colour experimentations, collected pigments sourced from London geology and hand-made inks. Take a moment to wander around the pigment maker's studio. 

Lucy giving a talk about her work for the promotional materials surrounding her colour collaboration with Neptune Interiors.

Copper pigment experiments with verdigris and copper carbonate, also known as synthetic malachite.

Testing the longevity of copper based inks, a quick recipe of verdigris pigment, gum arabic, clove oil and tap water produces a deep muddy green. 

Hand-made watercolours made from London earth, greensand from the Isle of Wight and red brick dust.

A few paintings can be seen amongst ink tests on the back wall of the studio.

Inspecting Lucy's colour charts for her commission from Neptune Interiors: to create a deep green from historical recipes. Constable green was created in 2022 from a unique mixture of verdigris, weld and carbon black made from charred London Plane tree seed pods.

All images curtesy of Neptune (Europe) Ltd.