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Deluxe London pigment Set

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This set of 9 pigments is a comprehensive set of colours made from materials found in London and as such, is a portrait of the city. It consists of five earth colours created from London soil, two pigments derived from botanical raw materials and a super pure verdigris pigment made from copper.

This set has been designed for the collector and artist alike. Many of the processes involved in their making are from 19th century pigment manuals. Keep them as a curiosity on the shelf or explore the world of hand-made pigments and their unique handling properties by making some paint!

Each pigment is presented in a hand-made glass stoppered bottle, each one is slightly different and made in England.

The set includes the following:

Rotherhithe Orange- Rich iron oxide pigment with a little chalk added
Hampstead Orange- Intense transparent iron oxide pigment
Epping Yellow- soft yellow earth colour
Hampstead Yellow- warm yellow earth colour
Thames Chalk- collected from the Thames foreshore before being washed and ground.
London Clay- earth colour similar to ‘raw umber’, the main geological deposit found under London.
Wild Weld- Bright, warm and transparent yellow pigment made from weld or dyer’s weed (Reseda luteola). This is a ‘lake pigment’ made from the dye extracted from the leaves, stalks and seeds.
Verdigris- super bright blue-green copper acetate pigment made from pure copper and acetic acid, the acid present in vinegar.
Rose Madder- warm pink pigment made from the roots of the madder plant, with a little Thames chalk added for opacity.

1 x A5 pamphlet providing details to the background of each colour.
1 x A5 pamphlet introducing London Pigment which includes a watercolour recipe.

All pigments have been washed, levigated and ground to a fine particle size.

PRICING: Each pigment is usually sold between £15-20 each for this size. Each pigment in this set works out as £20.55 and includes these extra special and unique glass bottles.

SAFETY: As with all fine dyes wear a dust mask or respirator and handle with care. Please be especially careful with verdigris, it is a copper based pigment and is considered toxic so do not allow contact with skin, eyes or ingest.

None of the pigments sold by London Pigment should be used on the body in anyway.


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