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London Pigment introduction set

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This London Pigment introduction set includes four pigments in a box with instructions on how to make watercolour paint.

Pigments included:

Verdigris Deep

- genuine copper acetate pigment, made to a historic 19th century recipe

Synthetic Malachite

- genuine copper carbonate pigment, made to a historic 19th century recipe

Rotherhithe Orange

- iron oxide pigment collected in the area of Rotherhithe, London.

Hampstead Yellow
-iron oxide pigment collected near Hampstead Heath in North London

This set is currently being sold at a special price and would cost £66 if pigments were bought separately.


These are dusty materials and when handling you should wear gloves and a mask, preferably a respirator.

Copper based pigments can be irritant and toxic if consumed, so please be careful.

Never ingest, inhale or use directly on the skin.

This listing is for one of the sets in the image.


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